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Welcome is your one source for high quality rebar cutting blades, cutter blocks & shear knives for steel rebar cutters used in the concrete industry. We have made it simple for you to obtain these blades for all makes and models of cutters right here on this site.

Why spend precious time to locate your rebar cutter blades, blocks & knives. We have it all for you right here. Our 43 years of experience manufacturing these blades gives you the very best quality & consistancy for all makes & models of equipment used to cut rebar. MADE IN U.S.A.. supplies high quality blades at very low prices.

Your cutting blades, blocks & knives are always in stock and ship the same day you place your order (if ordered by 1:00pm CST)
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What are you waiting for? Find out what so many contractors have already discovered and take control of your equipment costs with

FASCUT Industries Inc. launches in April 2009

FASCUT Industries Inc announces this new website specializing in replacement rebar cutting blades, blocks, and shear knives for all makes and models of rebar cutters. From handheld portable tools to rebar fabricators of all sizes to shear lines and even CNC stirrup machines, is your one source for these consumable items that keep the machines cutting rebar and the projects moving forward.

FASCUT Industries Inc has long been a leader in portable jobsite rebar fabrication equipment. Our equipment is 100% U.S. Made and we are very proud to say that. We are still at the same manufacturing facility that we started at back in 1979. Every single day FASCUT rebar cutters and benders are on the job around the world helping contractors get the job done. Our machines have proven themselves in the field for the past 43 years. Owners swear by them, not at them.

FASCUT Industries Inc - 43 years of manufacturing rebar cutting equipment has resulted in us becoming very skilled at the science of making high quality cutting blades. This vast knowledge base allows us to manufacture cutting blades for all makes and models of rebar cutters on the market today. Since many cutters are made overseas, parts and even the basic consumables like cutting blades can be hard to obtain. Blades that come from China or Korea and even Japan are often softer than ours and do not hold up well to the shock of cutting U.S. Grade 60 rebar. Many times there is no time to mess around looking or waiting weeks for blades. stocks all of our blades and orders made thru this website before 1:00pm CST are usually always shipped the same day.

NOS Blades Available

Do you have an old rebar cutter that still is on the job today? Chances are that finding consumables like cutting blades is non existent. Many of these companies went out of business years ago, but the machines are still working today. has blades for many of these machines. Brands like: DUAL, JOURNEYMAN, LOBSTER, and STEINWEG to name a few. Don't let that old relic rust away in the corner of the shop. Put a new set of cutting blades in it and get it back on the job and making you money.

FASCUT Industries introduces manufacturer's machine

Since 1979 FASCUT Industries Inc. has specialized in rebar cutters and benders for the concrete industry. After many requests, we have created a machine specifically for the manufacturing industry. This machine is based on our proven FR-800-C and includes a programmable angle control to facilitate in making intigrate shapes easily and accurately. An expanded bending die set and a newly designed bending die system allows much more flexibility to make exactly what it is you need to fabricate. FASCUT machines are known for their value and are 100% - MADE IN THE U.S.A.

Testamonial  --

"Controlling costs is a big part of making our business profitable. This is why we choose for all of our replacement cutting blades. From our small fabricators to our huge shear line equipment, we use our equipment hard each and every day. We get the same if not better quality and long life with than the OEM blades at a fraction of the cost. Best of all they are made right here locally and always available " Matt Gaudreau, Hatch Building Supply

Testamonial --  FASCUT Industries Inc    

"Our company has been cutting and bending rebar for over thirty five years. For more than twenty five of those years, we've used FASCUT equipment to do it. We depend on our FASCUT 600 & 800 machines every day. The simple, rugged design and built-in safety features of these machines make training new personnel easy. Our operation would HATE to do without our FASCUT machines... and we are glad machinery that works this well is still MADE IN U.S.A." Glenn Barnett, Columbia Precast, LLc

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