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Manufacturer of high quality rebar cutting blades for all makes & models of rebar cutters.

Why should I buy my cutting / shear blades from It's easy to do. It saves you time. It saves you money. It's totally secure. Blades are normally always in stock ready for immediate shipping.

Will these blades fit my particular cutter? Yes. All blades are made to exact specifications that ensure compatibility with your particular equipment, we guarantee it or your money back.

Are these blades OEM parts? NO, is a manufacturer that produces its own blades and uses the experience of over 43 years in the business to give you the highest quality product on the market today.

How quick can I expect to get blades once ordered? As quick as you need. If ordered before 1:00pm CST, blades ship the same day. Normal shipping is by FedEx-Ground. But you can specify exactly what you want, like, 2-day, or Overnight if faster service is needed.

What is included in my blade order? Most all of our blades include new bolts and lock washers as replacing them is recommended when changing blades. Larger blades use bigger hardware that can be re-used multiple times. In this case the bolts and lock washers are sold separately. In addition, an information sheet will help you learn the critical steps that will ensure maximum life of your cutting blades.

Are these blades made in China or Korea? NO, is an American company and has been manufacturing blades in the same location for the past 43 years. All of our materials and manufacturing facilities are here in the U.S. We are proud to say our blades are MADE IN THE USA.

What if I don't see the blades I need on the list? Contact us directly and we will see if we have a blade to fit your machine in our vast inventory.

Why are your blades so reasonable in price? That's easy. Rebar cutting blades is all we do, and no-one does it better. Automated computerized CNC machining centers ensure maximum quality and reduce labor costs. No-one can produce cutting blades for less than The OEM wants you to believe that only their blades will work in their machines. This is totally false and untrue. Don't get caught in the game most manufacturers play. Sell the cutter for less and then charge an arm and a leg for the consumable parts needed to keep it cutting.



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