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Manufacturer of high quality rebar cutting blades for all makes & models of rebar cutters. was conceived as a result of feedback from contractor's frustrated in finding the rebar cutting blades for the equipment they use everyday. When there is work to be done, time can't be wasted locating blades that are needed to keep the men busy and the job moving forward. Let's face it, what good is your rebar cutter if it's not cutting due to broken or dull cutting blades. Most contractor's have rebar cutters made by different manufacturers in addition to handheld machines which are all made overseas. Add to that the fact that manufacturer's of many older models have long since gone out of business and finding OEM blades is simply not an option anymore. This just adds to the confusion and hassle. We have made it simple for you to obtain these blades for all makes and models of cutters via our online store, or by making only one phone call.

Fascut Industries Inc, has been a leader in manufacturing quality rebar cutting and bending equipment for the concrete industry for over 43 years. We are a U.S. company and proud of it. During that time we have also become very good at making blades for cutting rebar. There are specific materials and hardening techniques that produce quality cutting blades. Finding that exact combination is something that takes many years of experience to obtain. has cutting blades that can withstand the abuse that Grade 60 rebar can put on your equipment and give you the durability that you require to keep your costs in check.

We know that in the real world, there are many things that can ruin a productive day on the job. Don't let your rebar cutting blades be one of them.

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